Search Engine Optimization in Edmonton.

Result driven on-site and off-site SEO Edmonton to maximize your exposure to potential customers and users to increase your traffic. Boost your business with the best SEO company in Edmonton.

Generate traffic with good online presence.

We can help you boost your website traffic and ranking.

targeted audience

You need relevant traffic.

You have a website and it doesn't get the relevant traffic? We can help you bring in the users and customers you want.


Target your audience.

It is mandatory to target your audience with the right demographics, they are the ones that will bring success.

fixing seo

Fixing your SEO is essential.

SEO is not an over-night project, it is a medium to long term strategy that is designed to rank you higher.

We make sure to rank you higher to bring in relevant traffic with SEO Edmonton services.

When we design and develop a website, we make sure that every aspect of it has the right SEO practices so it can be ready to challenge the top competitors.

focus on user

Focusing on user and relevant traffic

Our utmost goal is to focus on user behaviour and relevant demographics to bring in traffic that is interested in your business.

higher website ranking

Higher website and page rankings

We make sure to optimize your website with the best SEO practices to prepare it perfectly for search engine crawling before its launch.

targeted content

Quality optimization and content

Providing only quality content that is targeted and written for your relevant industry, we aim to create user satisfaction and interest.

SEO Services

  • SEO Audit
  • On-page Optimization
  • Off-page Optimization
  • Google My Business
  • Backlink Building
  • Content Optimization
  • Keyword Research
  • Citation Building
  • Directory Building
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics
  • Website Schema
  • Website Link Silo
  • Hyperlink Optimization
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Internal Link Optimization
  • Content Creation
  • Local SEO
  • Industry & Competitor Analysis
  • Meta Titles & Description
  • Image Optimization

SEO Pricing

Starter SEO Package

We will help you rank in your city for the search keywords that are most important for your business. Our Local search engine optimization (SEO) services provide ranking in local searches to boost your local business’ visibility.

We’ll be providing you with a SEO audit and prepare a long-term strategy to boost your local traffic and rankings. Monthly reports will be presented.


Growth SEO Package

We will help you rank higher and help you compete against your competitors for market share in your relevant industry. Addition to local SEO, we will also focus on surrounding areas to reach a wider audience. We will analyze your competitors and prepare an audit for your top competitors so we can learn from the strong points and improve the weak elements for a better strategy.

We’ll be optimizing your content and provide a full on-site optimization for better rankings. We will also provide few backlinks for better website authority. monthly reports will be presented.


Outrank SEO Package

This package is for businesses and individuals who want to outrank their competitors and be the leading website in their relevant industry to get most of the traffic. A long term approach and strategy will be prepared with complete website audit and industry rivals website audits. Package includes all starter and growth features and more.

In addition, monthly content for relevant keywords, monthly backlinks to improve authority and seasonal SEM will be provided to achieve higher rankings.  Monthly reports will be presented.


Keyword Research

We make sure that your website has relevant keywords so you can show up in the correct searches.

SEO Audits

We run continious SEO audits to identify key issues with the website performance and solve them fast.

higher ranking

On-site SEO

We optimize the websites to make sure it has a boost right away to gain competitive advantage.

Link Building

Using Google requirements, we build internal links for mapping and external links for extra boost power.

Local SEO

Local SEO

We provide local SEO services so your website shows up in local searches with right demographic.

targeted locations and demographics

Technical SEO

Using cutting-edge technology platforms, we run diagnostics for your website to boost its SEO.

Search Engine Optimization to boost your traffic.

We can help you reach a wider audience and help you turn leads into customers.

wider audience and traffic

Reach a wider audience.

With our SEO services, you can reach a wider audience and demographics to boost your traffic and lead generation.

premium SEO features

Premium features to boost your traffic.

We use all the latest premium features and Google approved strategies to help you gain a better ranking.

local seo

City wide implementations.

Local SEO is on fire. Cast a net on to the entire city and let people find your business from all over the town.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Features

seo audit


website optimization

Website Optimization

keyword tracking

Keyword Tracking

continuous support

Continuous Support

security oriented

Security Oriented

Virus Removal

Virus Removal

local seo


seo optimization

SEO Optimization

social media optimization

Social Optimization

content writing

Content Writing

eCommerce SEO

Premium Tech

on page optimization

On Page Optimization

When it comes to SEO practices, on-page optimization is the most crucial step that one must take. It is an essential process that takes place on the website itself. While fixing issues and implementing the correct SEO practices, the website’s success in ranking mainly depends on how good of an on-page optimization it has. On-site optimization improves the accesibility, quality and reachibility of your website. It also provides us website designers to create desirability for potential users in relevant industries. 

We apply and implement on-site optimization practices such as; writing and refining the correct keywords, meta tags and titles, meta descriptions, image and media optimization, setting up Google search console and Google analytics, content optimization. We also analyse the competition and use our research material to gain competitive advantage. With the on-page implementions and strategies we use, you will gain a competitive edge over your rivals.

Off page SEO

Off Page Optimization

Off page SEO practices are truly essential for the success of your website. These strategies revolve around the promotion of your website in the web. These strategies vary with each website, business and its needs, however the main point is to get creative and to have constant usable ideas so that your website can rank higher. We make sure to provide you with tailor-fit and highly customized off-site SEO practices for your respective industry, standard and scale.

Depending on the budget options and website’s needs, we partner up with blogs, magazines and various websites for creative content and guest posting, provide press releases and get in touch with industry experts all over the world to use their systems to access a wider area of industry relevant website connection to boos your rankings. We also make sure all the citations relevant to your industry and location are in place. We also use social media platforms to give you advantage.

Research and strategy

Research and Strategy

Researching and preparing a strategy before starting a succesful SEO campaign is a given and is essential. Your website’s current positioning and ranking, its keyword count and their relativity to your industry and business play a crucial role. Looking into these stats and analyzing them thorougly can make the difference between an efficient search engine optimization strategy and a weak approach.

After discovering the necessary implementions and researching these materials, strategizing comes into play for any SEO campaign in Edmonton. After deciding on the factors that need to be implemented within your budget goals, we come up with strategies that target your relevant user base and creative ideas such as appealing content and relevant link building to boost your ranking. We customize our SEO strategy to your business requirements while taking your relevant industry into consideration.

Tracking Progress

Tracking Progress

SEO is a medium-to-long term process. It is an ongoing combination between strategies and necessary implementations to achieve higher rank and more traffic for your website. We use all the cutting-edge technology tools such as Moz, Semrush, Serpstat, Google Analytics and Google Search Console to track and report the progress we make over time.

SEO is not a fast success formula by any means. It requires a lot of hard work, trial and error and includes lots of feedbacks. Removing the strategies that do not work anymore and implementing new ones also play a very important role. 

After implementing our SEO strategies we keep track our your website’s progress constantly and remove or add new strategies as needed. You can rest assure knowing that your rise in rankings and traffic will gain your business the online presence and accomplisments it needs.

SEO Tools We Use

We use various tested and proven Search Engine Optimization tools to analyze, research and track our implementions and strategies.

SEO tools
Tracking SEO progress on Google analytics

SEO and the search engines are how we organize the vast informative nature of internet. By using tools like Google analytics we gain a better understanding and insight on what the website requires for a better ranking and more relevant traffic. 

We then use these discoveries and information to implement, change or remove SEO strategies to replace or improve them with better and more up-to-date ones.

We combine method and creativity to bring you solutions, strategies and SEO services that will rank your website higher and gain more relevant traffic.

Achieve your business goals with the best Edmonton SEO services.

We sincerely believe and aim to have a better understanding of our clients and their business needs to provide a successful SEO campaign. It is our utmost aim to gain insight on our client’s medium and long term objectives. We then use our discovery and research methods to come up with a search engine optimization plan. We boost the sales, raise the website’s ranking by allowing the search engines like Google to easily crawl your website using targeted keywords, rich content, meta titles and descriptions and informative visual presentation. We are a premier search engine optimization firm in Edmonton that has a high success rate and client satisfaction thanks to our attention to detail and creativity. Our 24/7 client support system helps us and you to identify optimization and SEO issues early on for a more efficient ranking power.

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Frequently Asked Questions

SEO is needed for most websites, good search engine optimization results in higher visibility and leads to more relevant traffic. High visibility and ranks in SERPs (search engine result pages) create trust, credibility and increase in business brand power. SEO is an excellent investment for your business which is a cost-effective way of marketing to gain advantage over your competitors.

SEO helps tremendously with user experience and usability of the website. Good and proper SEO directs the right customers to the correct products and services. Once the correct SEO practices are established with the right product and/or service, customers can find exactly what they need. SEO will gradually increase the traffic and boost your business sales.

With the ever-increasing usage of internet and digitally integrated world, SEO is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies out there. SEO targets consumers and users who search for your relevant products and services make them visit your business’s digital presence.

Organic results are simply the results that are shown for the user’s search query. They are natural, organic results that that are displayed on the search engine’s page. Paid results however are paid advertisements, even though they are shown like the natural results, they are paid services that target specific keywords so the website shows up on the search engine results.

There is a clear difference between the two. On-site SEO means any activity and implementation you complete within your website that will optimize for the search engines.  Off-site SEO however, includes the activities and strategies that are completed outside your website, these naturally take more time and effort than on-site SEO. Off-site practices usually include link building, citation building, guest posting, reputation and social media management.

Generally speaking, it takes 4 to 6 months to see results of a good SEO strategy. However, one critical information is that the SEO is a cumulative effort and will have a snowball effect. So after 6 months, the results will keep getting better and better to a point that maintaining your position becomes the most important factor than rising in rankings. SEO by all means is a medium to long term marketing investment with many benefits.

Local SEO is a necessity for small businesses and alike. Local SEO allows businesses to promote their services and/or products to the people who live in their area/city. We take advantage of search engine’s geo-local signals to promote your website to your local area. 

Absolutely not. SEO is an ongoing process and consists continous strategies to keep up and beat the competition. Your competitors aside, even the search engines like Google constantly change their alrogithms and rules. It is our job to keep up with these rules and regulations and find the best solution and improvement tactics so your website can gain an advantage over its rivals in the relevant industries and cities.

First, we strongly suggest that you visit our website pricing in Edmonton page and compare different packages to figure out the service you need. 

To further inquire about a quote for your project call our Edmonton web designers at (XXX) XXX XX XX or complete our online booking form.


What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO is a type of strategy that is focused on bringing in more website traffic and leads through the search engine rankings organically without having to pay for online ads. It is crucial for any business to develop a SEO strategy because the main traffic for any website is through the search engines. More than half of the web traffic in the entire world starts with a Google search. The main goal for any SEO strategy is to increase the visitors your website gets through the search engine website rankings, while following and implementing Google algorithm changes and updates.

How long does SEO take?

When looking into a digital service that one pays for, it is quite the norm to be curious about how long it takes to see the results. In the case of SEO, it is important to understand that SEO is a long term investment. It gives results in a cumulative way, meaning that the results and traffic will grow larger and larger with time. SEO requires on-going attention and technicality and definitely is not a one-time strategy application. Usually, with the right strategy, it takes around 4-6 months to start seeing results and within 12-18 months results become clear in a way that leaves no question. Any successful SEO campaign takes time, attention, planning and readjusting to maintain the rank and to climb the ranks. In summary, you should start tangible results within 4-6 months, but at the same time you should dedicate at least 12-18 months for a successful SEO campaign results.

Why does my business need a growing online presence?

Having a strong online presence is crucial for any business considering that we live in digital age where people can easily access internet from anywhere, anytime to check out the brands, businesses and their services and products. Building a growing presence with a SEO strategy for your business means that you can reach more customers while increasing the interaction with existing ones. Your competitors are growing their web presence each day, so if you are not building yours, you are simply falling behind. Moreover, the bigger presence you have, the more places you show up and that means that people will be more familiar with your brand, hence the brand and business growth.

How does SEO work?

SEO is a complicated process of optimizing both on and off-site, building silo structures within the website, hyperlink connection, backlink building, post outreaching, citation building, content creating. There are over 200 factors to achieve success in a SEO campaign. Best practices that take the most importance would be, quality and optimized content writing, backlink building and preparing a SEO audit to make improvements on.

Why do I need SEO for my business?

SEO is an essential part of any businesses’ marketing and sales strategy. Over the last decade, with the demise of traditional business approach, search engine optimization became crucial for businesses that want to be successful. With new generations are connecting to the web more than ever, it became all the more important. Here are few reasons for your business to have a SEO strategy;

  • To optimize your visibility online.
  • To build and improve your brand, products and services.
  • To gain better credibility and trust for your business.
  • To rank higher in search engines like Google.
  • To increase traffic from potential customers and turning those leads into actual customers.
  • To reach a wider audience.
  • To grow your sales and grow your business monetarily.

What are keywords?

Keywords and keyword phrases are crucial for any search engine optimization strategy. A keyword or a keyword phrase means is the text that a user types into search box to find information. Keywords are basically descriptions that users search and can bring traffic into your website.

Choosing the relevant keywords and keyword phrases are important for any business to target the relevant traffic and audience that you want as customers. Effective and efficient usage of keywords in your content can bring visitors that turn into customers. It is an essential process to rank well on search engines. To have a successful SEO, it is important to do an extensive research on keywords and keyword phrases and implement these into your content in a way that the search engines will rank the website higher for the relevant audience. This research requires special tools and experience.

What is local search and local SEO?

Local search is the use of a geographic tag, meaning that use of a province, city or a postal code as part of the search intent. For instance, searching for “Edmonton (insert service name)” would bring the relevant services and companies that offer that specific service within the city. Local search is an efficient way for search engines to deliver results that are relevant for businesses, services and products within the area. 

Local SEO strategy implies that businesses with physical locations or businesses that offer their services and products within a certain area, province and city can be found by people who live in that area when they search for relevant information. There are online directories that are local to help businesses grow their online presence within their area. Google my business is also an excellent part of local SEO strategy that can be tweaked to improve the visibility in the area.

Should I invest in SEO or paid advertising?

Paid advertising, commonly known as search engine marketing (SEM), is a way of fast tracking the ranking game and paying money to get on top of the search engine rankings. We do recommend that on top of SEO services, businesses that want immediate success should invest in SEM as well. Since SEO takes time and your website ranks in the manner of many months as a result of continuous effort, SEM with SEO does the job quicker. In initial stages especially, PPCs (pay-per-click) ads can boost the traffic for relevant audience and help turn visitors into actual customers. However, SEO is an organic strategy that can keep you in high rankings all the time without having to pay additional advertisement, and once we start seeing results SEM will not be as effective. 

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