Website Design Process

Over the last 11 years we have refined our website design process through experience, creativity and opportunities to work with various businesses and professionals across numerous industries. We are confident in our ability to provide you with an ideal online digital campaign that will achieve your business and personal goals.



Each of our projects starts with our creative manager getting to know your business, your brand and industry and you. This initial communication via phone call or email allows us to deepen our understanding about your business goals and digital campaign objectives. It also lays down the foundation of the unique strategy and design flow that will follow to achieve an ideal website campaign that will fit your needs. Learning about your business and goals will allow us to create a unique vision suited for your business to appeal your target audience before the design process.

Excluding the ready-made websites, we approach most new projects with a detailed questionnaire designed to help us understand your goals and vision, so that we can understand your vision through your eyes. With this process, we can weave your vision and personal goals into the website project.




After the discovery step is completed, we then move on to research your competitors to gain a better insight of their marketing efforts and the relevant industry specific design trends to appeal your audience in a better way. We then do an extensive keyword research to help you prepare the relevant content if you choose to prepare the content yourself. This strategy allows us to prepare your website with necessary on-site search engine optimization so that it will be ready to compete from the get-go.

Sitemapping and Silo Structure

We will develop a sitemap to demonstrate where each page within the website will be and prepare a silo structure organize content for SEO purposes.


Wireframing allows us build the website’s graphical formation and information architecture.

Once you agree to the design strategy, it is time to start the next phase; design.



This is where the ideas turn into reality. This step is where we take all the information from discovery and strategy phases and start designing a website that will make your vision into a reality to boost your digital presence. We will be sharing the initial concepts with you to make corrections along the way.

Website Design

In this phase, we start designing a website project that will appeal to your target audience. We will design a responsive website and focus on mobile if the research shows that your audience and client base prefer a mobile approach. We will be using the wireframe as the main design concept and make necessary changes along the way if necessary.

Logo Design & Brand Identity

If you need a logo design and branding services, we will prepare a few designs for you to review and go with the ones that you approve.

Build & Develop


Once the design phase is completed and approved. We then move on to implement and build the necessary elements to the website. We focus on building a fully responsive website that will work on all devices whether it’s a computer or a mobile phone.

Website Design

We will host the prototype website on a mock-up hosting for you to fully experience what the website will be like before launch. You can tell us the changes you wish to make before we launch the website for the general audience. This also allows us to run few technical tests to correct the design flaws and erase bugs. 

After polishing off and smoothen out everything that needs to be corrected, we then prepare the website for the actual launch.



Possibly the most exciting and important phase, we move the beta website to the actual hosting server and run additional tests such as user experience tests to see if there are any issues that need to be fixed before we launch the website to the world.

We run a comprehensive launch test to see if your website is working as intended technically. We view the website on various devices to test the responsiveness and correct any issues before launch.

Additionally, we run a detailed user experience and quality control test to see if the website design is suitable on various devices and adaptable to your target audience’s needs. 

After making sure that everything is running as intended and smoothly we then launch the website on the internet so that your digital presence can grow as planned.

Manage & Grow


People tend to believe that after the launch of a new website, the project is completely done. However, that is wrong, just like a child a website requires regular maintenance for it to function perfectly, especially over a long period of time.

After the deployment of your new website, we will offer free maintenance depending on the package you chose. After that, for a minimal fee, we offer monthly check-ups, regular updates, uptime monitoring and support.

Local SEO

For clients who want to outrank their competitors to reach a wider audience and beat their rivals, we offer local SEO services. Head over to our SEO page to learn more.