Website Design for Law Firms

The competition and rivalry between law firms and professionals such as attorneys in digital marketing is harsh. We aim to create successful law firm websites by focusing on user experience and on-point SEO implementations to achieve successful digital marketing campaign. In law firm website design, it is crucial to have a professional design to establish brand power, confidence and trust in potential clients.

We perfectly understand and observe that many law firms, whether big or small are competing fiercely for the online success. Many firms want to stand out in the eyes of their clients and competing for search engine rankings. It is clear that the potential clients that find the law firm from search engines usually turn into leads that convert into business, therefore having the best law firm website design is the key for your firm’s digital marketing success.

As an Edmonton web design agency, our utmost aim and goal is to be the best law firm web design agency that make the difference for our clients. We follow a well-structured design process and strategy to design our law firm websites. Our aim is to ensure that your law firm is visible and has a strong presence in organic search, making sure that the visitors have an easy and pleasant time on your website and guide them through the website with ease so they can contact you for your services. 

Our ability in designing a custom website tailored to fit your company culture and needs combined with search engine optimization for law firms will power your law firm in your digital marketing efforts. 

Our proven 6-step website design process will help us understand your company in-depth, creating the necessary strategies and implementing these findings in our website design for your law firm. Whether you are an attorney or a running a law firm, our web design services will provide you with the online presence that will help your business grow.

The Best Law Firm Websites

Responsive Website Design

The best law firm website must be responsive, meaning that it should be used with ease on all devices. From our experience, majority of traffic for law firms comes from mobile search. It is crucial and a necessity for law firms to be able to provide their services for potential clients when they are on the go and need law services. 

We build and design best law firm website optimized for mobile users as well as tablet and computer users, so you can have a broader user activity for all devices.

Direct Methods of Contact and Clear Call-to-Actions

In our experience, the best law firm websites offer clear CTAs (call-to-action) that help guide users towards a specific page on the website that holds the information users seek. With clearly designed CTAs that are placed strategically on every page, users can contact the law firm via phone, email or web forms.

Additionally, CTAs and the menu can help the users to land on contact page in which the users can share their personal information and needs and contact directly with the law firm.

Practice Areas of the Law Firm

The web browsers that land on your website tend to look for areas of practice of your law firm. As the best law firm website design company, we will promote your practice areas and legal services to the users while providing a seamless and clean user experience. These legal services and practice areas will be promoted on both the homepage and lawyer profile pages to reach a wider audience. A well designed user interference for your website combined with well designed and places CTAs will ensure that the users will be guided towards their intended search areas efficiently and quickly.

Lawyer and Partner Pages

Addition to practice areas, users tend to search for lawyer profile pages. The profile pages for lawyers and partners provides an interpersonal connection to your users while showcasing the talent and background of your employees and partners. Moreover, profile pages for professional law firm website design will help your law firm to gain credibility and trust while conveying the information about the areas of expertise. Additionally, the profile pages will offer a chance for the users to connect via phone, social media or email.

Custom Designed Landing Pages

For a successful SEO optimized law firm website, each area of practice and legal service needs to have a custom landing page for organic search. Each area of practice is unique and with a custom landing page your law firm can reach a wider audience. Users can directly access to the page they need, get the information they require and with clear CTAs, they can contact you for further inquires. Having various landing pages for different services also ensures that the users will land on the service page they need without getting distracted by other pages.

Successful search engine optimization begins in the design phase. We make sure to implement best on-site SEO practices into the website during the development phase and offer SEO services for clients who wish to expand and strengthen their online presence.

We build great law firm websites that provide effective conversions for our clients. Our best Edmonton web designers will take every step to ensure that your law firm has a strong online presence that has high conversion rate among your users. To learn how can we help you, please fill out the quote request form or give us a call at (780) 660-1133