Website Design for Insurance Companies

Insurance companies face fierce competition. At the rising popularity of internet and data usage, one of  the main factor of success became the websites. As Edmonton web design company we noticed a major shift towards insurance company website design over the last few years. In a highly competitive industry like insurance business, a professional web design is crucial for success.

Many top players in the insurance industry already shifted towards online solutions such as offering quotes and web solutions. Considering that the insurance companies tend to focus on brick and mortar business back in the day, this recent shift in online business model requires web design for insurance companies.

The Best Insurance Company Website Design

Responsive Website Design

Having a responsive website design for insurance companies is crucial for success in digital marketing efforts. In today’s world, many people are browsing the internet on the go, and having a website that is accessible from all devices is very important. As best web designers we build our websites in a manner that is easily accessible and user friendly on both mobile and desktop devices.

Emphasize on Services

The industry norm in insurance business when it comes to web design is to focus on products and services. The user behavior indicates that the browsers are searching through a specific service that the insurance company offers when they visit the website. We build our website design for insurance company on call-to-actions that guide the users toward their intended service page so they can easily navigate through the website and fill out a web form or contact the company. Once the user is on the service or product page they were originally looking for, we can guide them towards an online request form or have them make a phone call with lead generation CTAs.

Correct Image Choice

Correct photography and image choices are important for any given website. Especially true for insurance company website, the images should convey a soothing feeling to users that make them feel comfortable and be at ease. Lifestyle photography would make the serious business of insurance more comfortable for browsers. Considering that the insurance business covers health and assets, lifestyle photography that gives the vibes of comfort would have a positive effect on the brand image and help browsers convert into actual leads that turn into customers.

Professional User Interface

Insurance is serious business to many people. When we design websites for insurance companies, we try to shy away from very colorful presentations that does not demonstrate the core of the business. Instead, with a modern professional design, we aim to gain customer confidence and gain positive brand image. We realize that the first impression of a user when they land on the website make or break a possible sale, therefore we aim to build and design professional, polished websites that convey the brand image in a professional manner for insurance company website design.

Search Engine Optimization

Given the nature of insurance industry, many companies are competitive when it comes to search engine optimization. Rightly so, the insurance companies are trying to get ahead of the competition by aiming to rank higher in search engines. Due to limited knowledge of average person when it comes to insurance companies, people tend to search for top players and do not even have knowledge of many medium to smaller insurance companies. This creates an opportunity for these companies especially in local SEO. By ranking higher, many smaller insurance companies can take a larger pie of the business much more easily. We aim to build our websites with the proper SEO implementations right off the bat so it can be ready to rank higher with the right SEO services.

We build great insurance company and insurance broker websites that provide effective conversions for our clients. Our best Edmonton web designers will take every step to ensure that your insurance company has a strong online presence that has high conversion rate among your users. To learn how can we help you, please fill out the quote request form or give us a call at (780) 660-1133