Website Design for Construction Companies

As the construction industry continues to become more competitive with online marketing and campaigns, customized web design for construction companies such as homebuilders, trades and O&G companies will continue to achieve success.

The construction industry is entering the digital age and the world of marketing at a full force. Though a little late to the party compared to the other industries, construction industry has been gaining increase in digital marketing for construction companies over the last years. Our Edmonton web design company took notice of a remarkable shift and increase in construction website design over the last few years. We realize that construction is hard work and as business owners, you make sure to build the very best from the ground up. Your projects whether they are residential houses or commercial projects stand as reflection of your design, engineering and talent. We believe in the same principles and understand that due to rising competitive nature of construction industry, the necessity for professional web design is higher than ever.

Many of the big players in the industry have already gone to market with fully interactive and responsive websites so that they can outrank the competition and reach to a wider audience to offer their services.

Understanding this trend among construction companies such as; homebuilders, commercial builders and various service/trades companies our Edmonton web designers know that there is a rising demand of online presence and have the perfect knowledge and expertise to help your company reach a wider audience with a strong digital campaign.

The Best Construction Websites

Highlight Projects and Services

Through our extensive and detailed research of web analytics for construction companies, we have found that the most successful construction websites primarily focus on their projects and services they offer. It is very beneficial to showcase your current and past projects using a gallery and a brief explanation. Moreover, as a construction company it is a necessity to promote your services on your website so that the browsers can have a clear idea of company’s ability in relevant services.

When creating our website design strategy, we focus on Call-to-Action (CTA) systems to guide web users towards to the service they are interested in. Once we gain the attention of users in their intended search service page, we then can funnel them towards to the web form and phone call action so they can contact you personally, therefore becoming a potential customer for your services.

Responsive Website Design

For construction companies, offering a responsive web design is crucial. As the world move towards mobile web browsing more and more each day, a website that offers a clean design on all devices is a must. A construction website that is mobile-friendly on all its pages will easily gain competitive advantage over old websites. Additionally, responsiveness in a website design will boost the website in search engine rankings.

Clean and Easy to Navigate Websites

Creating a professional business-to-consumer website requires extensive research and design abilities. Especially true for construction websites, the design should be clean, easy to navigate and should offer a smooth experience for all browsers. Complex, hard to navigate websites will scare off the users and cause high bounce rates, causing search engines to inflict negative ranking on the website.

Our Edmonton web designers¬†will prepare a strategy that will bring in the desired results and more to give you a successful digital campaign. The first impression a new visitor gets with the company’s brand is very important and a polished website that offer seamless browsing experience will do wonders since that impression is the first crucial step of a website design.

Search Engine Optimization

Every construction company who wants to make a positive impact and outrank their competitors should take search engine optimization seriously. By out-ranking your competitors, you will have a chance to reach a wider and more relevant audience to boost your business. We build our websites with all the necessary and then some more on-site SEO elements so your website will be ready to go right off the bat. Optimizing a website with the best SEO practices and depending on your wishes, continuing the SEO process after the launch will bring in the best results and create a successful digital marketing campaign to achieve your business goals.

We build successful construction websites that boost the image and presence of our clients. Our best Edmonton web design agency will take every step to ensure that your business has a strong online presence that has high conversion rate among your users. To learn how can we help your business, please fill out the quote request form or give us a call at (780) 660-1133