Business-to-Consumer, B2C Website Design

If your business offers products or services to consumers, you already know that you are up against many competitors and companies trying to get attention from your audience. One of the most important industries our Edmonton web designers focus on is hand-made, custom website design for B2C companies. At Vanqor, we specialize in web design and marketing strategies for consumer/retail businesses such as consumer products and physical stores that want to make an impact online.

Our Edmonton web design agency is highly specialized in building eCommerce website design for B2C companies. Moreover, we are offering custom website design. We are confident in our ability and knowledge to provide you with an ideal digital marketing campaign while following B2C website design best practices.

The Best Business to Consumer Websites

Understanding Your Audience and Consumer's Buying Habits

If you were to ask retail store owners and consumer-oriented businesses the secret of success; they would tell you the importance of having a good inventory and great customer service skills. However, considering that we live in a digital world where the consumers are moving towards online buying more and more each day, we can add an excellent retail website to the aforementioned aspects of a successful business.

Considering more and more customers are turning to internet to find local shops and vendors, if your potential customer doesn’t like what they see on the internet, there is a high chance they will not even visit your store or be impressed in person.

Additionally, the chances are that an average consumer will make an impulse by based on a well-designed website or visit the product/service page by using a call-to-action (CTA). An impulse buy usually occur with customer purchasing the product or a service without even visiting the physical store or meeting with the owner.

In our website design process, we take user behavior, buying habits, audience targets into consideration in a manner that aligns with your business and industry.

There are few things to consider when creating the perfect B2C website that will improve your success;

Location and Hours

If you want your potential customers to visit your physical store or office, it’s important to make things easier for them. By this, we mean implementing when you are open and your address to your website. By making this information easy to access, your customers will easily be able to know when and where to show up.

Web Form Design and Its Importance

General audience tends to make purchases online without even contacting a salesperson or the business itself. Ideally, the website itself conveys all the information necessary for the consumer so they would not have to contact your business. Since consumers absorbs all the information they require through content, user reviews and product/service pages, they can easily make a quick decision of whether or not to buy your products or visit your business location. In a web analytics term, this is what we call a conversion – when a potential web browser turns into an actual customer.

Usually there is no contact or conversation between the customer and the business owner, so it is very important the website design and web form is clear and appealing. Our web designers use call-to-action systems and a design strategy that direct the consumers where they need to go. Instead of complexity, we understand through our experience that a simple yet appealing design that offer guidance to consumers through the website is the best approach when it comes designing a B2C website.

Additionally, we realize that the consumers tend to hand out personal information more easily on the web forms, so then you can take in the data and improve your business strategy using information such as demographics, gender and age group data.

When we design web forms for B2C websites, we make sure to take a simple yet appealing approach so that your consumers are more likely to make a purchase or visit your business in person.

Local Search Keywords

In today’s world, people do not look up the yellow pages to find a store or a business, they turn to Google to find a store that is right down the street. It’s important for you as a business owner to have local geographic keywords and keywords that promotes your products and services on your website. With the proper keyword placement throughout the website combined with a smooth experience for browsers, both Google and your customers know where to find you and what you offer.

Fully Responsive Website Design

Responsive website design is crucial for any website, considering that most consumers and users spend most of their time on their mobile phone or tablets, responsiveness is a must for any business that are looking to get a B2C website. Arguably the most important factor in Google’s ranking algorithm is to have a mobile friendly website that makes it easier for consumers who browse on the go. Google priorities mobile-friendly websites that understand user behavior over old designs by a long margin.

If a B2C website is old and not responsive, there is a high risk of missing out on traffic due to poor search results therefore, a loss of sales. Moreover, users who get accustomed with modern design options on their mobile might get frustrated by an old design and lack of CTA and design guidance are more likely to go somewhere else.

Hand-made Landing Page Design

Since every person has different tastes and habits, a perfect B2C website needs to have landing pages to have more conversions and focused traffic. A landing page a dedicated web page that your users land on from external sources. Our web designers make sure to not only design an ideal homepage that will catch the majority of your traffic but also landing pages for your service and product pages that will focus on relevant traffic to increase conversion.

Semrush has published a detailed article about the importance of landing pages, explaining that a landing page focuses on a conversion and has a high commercial intent.

To deploy a comprehensive marketing strategy that will bring in the desired results, we build highly specialized SEO optimizated landing pages for our B2C websites. Using relevant keywords and key phrases of a specific product or service, we aim for potential users to bypass the homepage entirely and land on a specific landing page. Unlike the homepage, a landing page offers limited however focused CTAs and key phrases that fits into user’s initial search intent. It is not necessary to focus the entire website traffic into the homepage, since a homepage acts a summary of the entire website and has a little bit of everything. It is more efficient to guide browsers to the their original search intent which can lead to an impulse buy more easily. 

This design strategy makes it easier for the website to have more ranking power as well. Distributing the power into multiple landing pages and not focusing on the home page alone, search engines like Google tend to rank consumer websites more easily and in a faster manner due to a larger audience and demographic target and more relevant information distributed on multiple pages.

Direct Call-to-Action Design

Most browsers that land on a B2C website are already interested in a specific product or a service. Ensuring a clear and smooth call-to-action design that leads to potential buyer to their desired product/service is critical for a succesful B2C website design.

Ideally, the call-to-action design should inspire to users to take action and click through so they can be directed to the desired product or service page, or simply to web form to contact you. We take crucial steps to ensure in our design process so that the CTAs are clear and perfectly aligns with positive user behavior. Well designed CTAs throughout the website help guide the users towards intended pages where they take the action of buying or contacting the business. This also creates a positive feedback for the users which will leave in a satisfied manner and have positive feelings about the brand and the business.

We build great retail B2C websites that provide effective conversions for our clients. Our best Edmonton web designers will take every step to ensure that your business has a strong  presence that has high conversion rate among your users. To learn how can we help your business, please fill out the quote request form or give us a call at (780) 660-1133