Business-to-Business, B2B Website Design

In the highly competitive market of B2B, (business-to-business) only the best B2B website design that successfully combines and implements the following elements will thrive; a professional and custom web design tailored to fit for your industry, eCommerce abilities that is user-friendly, best SEO practices woven into the design. With these elements combined, we aim to power our clients’ digital marketing for a foreseeable future. In our experience, the best B2B websites are easy to navigate and flexible, optimized for search engines and easy to update and our goal is to bring all these together to boost your digital presence.

Web design industry is tricky when it comes to Business-to-Business industry. Many web designers tend to make one major mistake that causes many great companies to experience a downfall in their digital marketing efforts. That mistake is the thinking that B2B and B2C website design (business-to-consumer) are the same. In a technical perspective, almost all website projects are the same in the manner of developing and building, however the design process and strategizing your understanding of the audience are completely different between the two markets. It is crucial to understand how your customers and audience reacts and interacts to your marketing efforts. 

The main focus of many websites are for B2C industry, however when it comes to B2B market, there are major changes in the user and customer behaviors that can mean the difference between success and failure. With the rise of B2B services in online marketing, it is paramount to understand how each type of user interacts with your website and their marketing needs. For instance, B2B customers are less likely to make impulse buys and make a contact with the actual company/person prior to making a purchase instead of simply adding the product to the online shopping cart.

Our Edmonton Web Design Company, Vanqor will be more than happy to to provide you with professional and custom website tailored to fit your needs to boost your digital marketing strategy.

The Best Business to Business Websites

Responsive Website Design

To build a professional and trustworthy image for your company, responsive website design is crucial. It is a must-have for a B2B website that aims to offer the best user experience for its clients. 

The best B2B websites should be able to designed and load quickly for mobile devices. Many potential customers use their phones or portable devices to browse and to provide a mobile friendly web design will be a huge benefit. Since the main goal of a B2B website is the online form conversion, optimizing the forms for mobile devices is a must. Business-to-business websites that are not responsive will lead to frustration and fast bounce rates, meaning the users will leave the website quickly.

Conversion Focused Design

Unlike the typical B2C customers, B2B clients tend to have unique buying habits. These clients tend to soak in the information that is offered by the website, then contact the company for further inquires. Flashy designs that offer no information usually fail in this market segment. The customers read up on the service or the product, then once they have a clear understanding of the service/product they want to make a contact with the salesperson or the company for a successful sale. 

A potential customers who arrives on the website from a referral, search engine or a paid advertising will be interested in the specific service or a product. It is our aim to give them this information with ease while guiding them towards the web form page so they can get into the sales funnel. This type of buying habit and lead generation system will require a professional and custom B2B website design to achieve success. It is our aim to understand and execute the necessary design strategies that is highly compatible with your industry and company and build our design strategy around these findings.

Additionally, to build a successful web form page that convert, the form needs to clear, straight to the point and will provide trust to the potential customer so they can share their personal information to connect with the salesperson. As a successful Edmonton web design agency we strongly advise our clients not to ask too much personal information to keep the initial trust in the early stage with their own customers. Requesting too much personal information in the early phases will create a lack of trust in business relationships since B2B customers tend to make contact with the company and discuss their purchase beforehand.

With this in mind, we build web form pages in a manner that the potential customers only share the necessary personal information such as customer’s name, email and phone number. Once the contact between the company and customer is made and a trustworthy relationship is made, then it is up to you to get more information and personal connection with the customer.

The best strategy for a B2B website which aims to turn potential leads into actual sales, is to make a contact initially so that the salesperson can contact the customer personally and make the product or service sale.

Custom Designed Landing Pages

Landing pages are important in a way that the potential customers will access a specific service or intended page with a single click. With the best practices of SEO (search engine optimization) woven into the website design, users can directly access to a specific service page from the search consoles. 

It is crucial to understand that homepage alone will not be enough for a great user experience. If your company is offering multiple services or unique offerings, creating an optimized landing page for each will be important for the websites success in the long run. 

One of the main aspects of a successful website design is to help users guide through the website in a fast and comfortable manner. Optimized landing pages will offer the users a more direct path for the service or unique offering page they were initially searching for. With optimized landing pages, we are successfully offering a direct path to potential clients without distractions, resulting in improved conversion rates.

Moreover, optimized landing pages play a crucial role for SEO strategies. With landing pages, the SEO implementations and strategies will be boosted and will result in a broader search net in the areas your company focus its digital marketing efforts.

Optimized Call-to-Actions

Main goals of a B2B website is to drive potential leads to the web form pages so the clients can connect to the salesperson. To achieve this, clear, beautifully designed CTAs on each product or service page is mandatory.

A nicely optimized and clear CTA will direct the client towards a web form page where they can contact the salesperson or the company. A CTA needs to be direct without confusion, and should convey a small message to guide the client towards the web form page with ease. An optimized CTA that does misguide the client and creates confusion in their mind will cause the loss of trust in the brand and will end up in frustration. By implementing call-to-actions strategically in service and product pages, we let the client know what the next step will be and ensuring a potential client moves towards to sales process. From there on, the salesperson can connect with the client with ease.

Personal Connection

B2B customers tend to look for a human connection and seek the human element.

Creating a B2B website requires a specific element that should not be overlooked. The content should be written in a way that is human and not only for the search engines. Using a similar vocabulary in your content that when you are actually talking with your customers will be more familiar and will make your customers be at more ease during the initial phone call or meeting.

Another great way to appear more human and personal is to include the referrals and testimonies from your previous customers to show how you help your customers and their companies. This also builds a certain level of trust so that the potential customers feel more connected to your brand. These testimonies will be a great help for your image and trustworthiness. 

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