Why You Should Use WordPress As Your Content Management System

October 26, 2021 in WORDPRESS, WEB DESIGN| 2 min

Initially, WordPress started as a blogging platform for people who want to share and write about anything that comes to mind. However, over time it transformed into the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world. Today, it is used in the most versatile ways, not just blogging. It offers incredible custom options for web design and eCommerce platforms. Our Edmonton web design agency uses WordPress almost all the time since we realized it covers all our clients’ needs and beyond. In this report, we will be looking at the reasons why you should use WordPress as your content management system for your website.

Search Engine Optimization

WordPress offers a very SEO friendly platform and makes things easier. The platform itself is search engine optimization friendly and offers many benefits right from the start. It also provides easy solutions and options for on-site SEO practices during the design process. Moreover, WordPress has many great SEO plugins that offer further customization and enchantment to your website’s SEO strategy.  


WordPress powers over 1/3 of all websites in the world. Therefore, it gathered a huge following from developers and designers. These developers put out many plugins that offer many capabilities and benefits for your website. The plugins can be installed in few seconds and start working with a few clicks. Each plugin offers a unique customization ability that can help you reach your digital goals.

Open Source

What is amazing and astonishing about WordPress is that it is completely open source, meaning that its source code is available to developers around the world to work and improve upon. Many developers constantly working on the source code to make it better, faster and stronger every day. Additionally, if you come across a problem in your website, you can easily find developers that can help you solve the issue in the most efficient manner.

Amazing Content Management

WordPress is truly on of a kind when it comes to content management. With just a few clicks you can add, remove and modify your files with ease. You can copy or edit any file or content on your website easily without getting into technical coding aspect of website design. Moreover, we realized that even without any technical knowledge WordPress offers easy access and understanding to our clients, since it is truly an extraordinary platform that offers easy content management.

Highly Customizable

WordPress indeed started as a blogging platform that did not offer much but blogging, but in time its capabilities and design options grew beyond belief. Nowadays, with a highly skilled and experienced web designer, the sky is limit so to say. Anything you desire can be designed in the way you want and designing options are limitless. WordPress offers us web designers the ability to customize the websites into any shape we want according to our client’s wishes.

Easy Upgrades

Upgrading WordPress is a quite simple process. It’s always a good idea to back your website up before upgrading your current version, but other than that WordPress offers quite a smooth transition and easy upgrading method. Additionally, switching your website from a different content management system to WordPress is quite easy as well. There are many importers available and even most hosting companies offer easy migration of the websites to WordPress.