Landing Page Design

October 16, 2021 in WEB DESIGN | 5 min

Importance of Landing Page Design

Landing pages can be described as doors to the website and an important part of any successful website design. These pages tend to be in which users “land on” due to clicking on an advertisement or marketing promotion. Landing page is a webpage that exists apart from your home page. Its main purpose is to convince the users to take specific action towards a product or a service. Landing pages receive targeted traffic, usually thanks to a social media campaign, email marketing or paid advertising and have usually higher conversion rates compared to regular website pages.

Landing pages are important because it helps the visitors to navigate through the conversion path in a natural way. It allows your company to initiate a curiosity with a well-thought design by inviting your visitors to complete a web form or give you a call to discuss. 

Many marketers tend to think of displaying a great ad to get the visitors on your page but the struggle does not end there. Without a properly designed landing page, the users tend to lose interest and ending up wasting your resources that do not convert. If you cannot convince your users to navigate through CTAs to give you a call, purchase your products or services or fill out a web form, it means that them clicking on the ads were in vain.

Click through rates on advertisements such as social media marketing and Google Ads is relatively low, hence the importance of a well designed landing page that can help users convert into contacting you, therefore turning into actual customers. Optimizing your landing page in a way that converts users into leads and customers is crucial.

Another important aspect of a good landing page design that brings benefits is that it builds trust with your visitors. If a user visits your landing page through search engine results, the landing page is the first impression they get about your business. If the page has a messy looking, disorganized and unattractive design, their first impression would be negative which ten ultimately impacts your brand. 

However, if your landing page is well-designed in a way that fits the industry norms and aligns with your target audience, you are much more likely to leave a good first impression on your visitors. Even if they don’t purchase your products or services in that moment, the lasting impression would make a good marketing strategy and they might consider you for future purchases or can be an effective word-of-mouth towards others.

Essential Elements of a Good Landing Page Design

There are many ways to design a landing page. Every business has its own unique design approach within their industry norms and when we take the target audience into consideration, landing page design options are limitless. However, there are few key elements that must be presented for a successful landing page design that has a high conversion rate. No matter the design approach, you need to make sure that the layout aligns with the rest of the website and it has the key elements we will be discussing.

The Layout

A design that uses white space wherever available with a proper color contrast works best in bringing out the design’s effectiveness. A good design that uses these elements will make it easier for your visitors to access to CTA (call-to-action) buttons. A messy design on the other hand, with complicated color palette will create frustration and confusion, creating high bounce rates, meaning that the users will leave the page without effectively clicking CTAs. 

Headers and Footers

A header means what appears on top of the page. That means the first thing the user will see is the header. A header effectively affects your visitor’s first impression so it is crucial for any successful landing page design. A good header should include the following to achieve high conversion rates;

  • A captivating image, which often covers the full screen
  • A headline or a title that is captivating and invokes curiosity
  • Your mission statement or simple marketing of your brand in few sentences
  • A clearly designed, colored call-to-action button

A headline that invokes curiosity in your visitors will help your users understand what is being offered. In addition to a title, a subheading can be used as well to fortify the message.

Branding of your business or a simple mission statement will ensure that the visitors are in the right place and help them identify your business and what you are about. 

And finally a well designed CTA button that invites your users to fill out a web-form, contact you or sign up for an email updates is where to conversion happens. 

In addition to headers, a landing page contains a footer as well. This is the part that includes privacy terms and legal disclaimers with copyright information. It also contains a sub menu with the most important elements such as your services and contact page that makes it easier for your visitors to navigate through your website. Most importantly, footers usually have a CTA button that invites your visitors to take a specific action as well.


People tend to read. A proper header and a footer can be inviting, charming and well designed, but people usually would like to know more about what they are being offered. The content on your landing page should offer the details and elaborate on your product or service that you are offering on that landing page. You should prepare your content in a way that it convinces your visitors to take the next step.

Images also play a huge role in content writing, placing images here and there between paragraphs would help your visitors to take a break and help them process the visual information that the image offers.

You can also use bulleted lists and sub headings throughout your content to make it more easier to read. These elements also help you to break down your content in parts that makes it easier to absorb the information.

The content should align with what the landing page is trying to sell. If you are promoting a product, the content should include product specifications and details, however if you are selling a service, it would be a better idea to include testimonials and customer reviews.

There are many parts and elements that go into a successful landing page design. Landing page designs from a proper web design agency can definitely help. Feel free to contact us to discuss your project.