Improving Your Website's Ranking With SEO

September 15, 2021 in SEO | 4 min

Tips To Improve Your Website's Search Engine Ranking

If you have a website or thinking about getting one, chances are that you are also curious about how to rank it higher on search engines like Google. Well, it comes as no surprise since ranking well on search engines means a huge amount of traffic in your relevant industry to your website which eventually means that more business and sales. Basically a win-win. This trend started a whole new industry, SEO experts all around to world trying to rank higher against each other each day. However, ranking simply high is no easy feat, there are over 200 factors determined by Google to rank a website and in addition to these factors, search engines like Google constantly updates and bring out new algorithms to change the rules. So, tweaking constantly and making your strategy an on-going process is the main element for any successful SEO campaign.

However, some things never change although they might need some tweaking a little. We at SEO Edmonton understand and are proud to implement these strategies to any SEO campaign we take on. Here are some tips to rank website higher on search engines like Google so you can get more relevant traffic to your website, and hopefully more sales!

Providing necessary info to bots

Search engines have crawl bots that crawl through your entire website to understand what your website is all about. It is important that you make sure you provide the necessary information to the bots with a robots.txt file. Basically, with this file you are getting on the good side of the bots and let us tell you, that alone is a feat that will help your website to feature in search engine rankings like Google permanently.

Delete duplicate content

Quite a simple tip and should be followed for best practices in any given SEO strategy. Search engine bots do not really like the duplicate content and tend to penalize the website if they encounter duplicate contents on your website. You should remove the duplicate content and create original piece of contents for the keywords and keyword phrases you want to rank for. 


Creating a sitemap that conveys all the pages on your website to search engine bots is crucial to any SEO campaign and to rank higher on search engine results. With a sitemap in place, bots can crawl and index your website easily and ensure that all the pages are visible to search engines like Google.

Creating permalinks

Creating permalinks using keywords or keyword phrases will result in better search rankings than compared to permalinks with numbers or symbols on it. A good strategy would be to present as much data as you can with permalinks to the search crawl bots.

Internal linking

A well organized website with a good internal linking structure will naturally link higher in search engines. A simple and efficient way of following this strategy is to display all the informant information on the homepage and to group similar content together on dedicated pages. 

Keyword usage should align with business goals

Researching and finding keywords that align with your business objectives is a must. Finding relevant keywords and keyword phrases that people search for can easily result in ranking higher due to search bots prioritizing the search intent of their user base and getting them connect with your website. Finding the relevant keywords and using them strategically in your content is crucial to rank higher and permanently on search engines such as Google.

Static webpages

It helps tremendously to create static webpages compared to dynamic webpages. Static pages can be more easily crawled by search engine bots and can be easily indexed resulting in higher ranking.


One of the most important off-page SEO optimization strategies, backlinks are crucial for ranking higher. Google and other search engines rank a page higher if they have relevant websites that link back to your websites. If your website, pages and content is frequently mentioned by other websites via anchor links etc, search engines favor you. This is a complicated process that requires expertise and skill in the manner, but backlinks from relevant websites are always important.