How Does Responsive Web Design Works?

October 8, 2021 in WEB DESIGN, SEO| 3 min

Responsive web design can be described as that your website and its pages can adapt and deliver the best possible user experience whether the device they are using to access your website is a desktop, tablet or a smartphone. It is a modern web design approach that has been gaining popularity over the last decade and the design system allows websites to render and display on all devices no matter the screen size. The website and its pages automatically adapt to the screen size, hence offering best possible user experience to its browsers.

Basically, a responsive website will adjust the design and screen size in accordance with user’s device. The design is fluid and it will change in a way that it offers a unique user experience for different type of devices. With a responsive website, there is no need for multiple websites for different devices, so you will not a different site for desktop and a different one for the mobile phones. Visitors who visit your website will be able to access to the design and reading capabilities in all devices. 

Why Does Responsive Design Matters?

Responsive web design offers the ease of designing one website for all devices so that the users, web developers and user interface designers can be relieved and do not have to design different websites for all devices. It also makes everything easier for the owner of the website since they can access and make changes in one website which then is applied to all devices in a responsive way. 

Responsive design offers optimal design for all devices, meaning that the design, HTML elements, images and font will be adjusted and scaled accordingly to the device screen that the browser using. 

It also provides the benefit of removing most redirects and making things faster. Without redirecting the browser to the correct device design, the user can access to the content in a faster and efficient manner. 

Responsive websites automatically check the device and it’s screen resolution and adapt accordingly. Since there are many device screens in the world including desktops, tablets and smartphones all having different screen sizes, responsive web design allows users to have a consistent user experience on the website no matter what device they are using to access to the website. 

Responsive web design is a crucial factor for both web design, user experience and SEO strategy. We at Vanqor specialize in responsive web design, feel free to contact us if you have a project to discuss anytime.