Does Your Business Have a Website?

September 18, 2021 in Web Design| 5 min

Why Do You Need A Website For Your Business?

Most business owners do not realize how truly important it is to have a website. A website not only adds value to your brand, but it also showcases your services and products while helping you reach a wider audience. A website for any given business should be tailored fit to business needs and should be able to target the audience demographic that the business has. Our job as Edmonton website design agency is to help you achieve your goals by providing you with an excellent website that covers all your needs and beyond.

It is essential to have a website for any given business or professional. In today’s world, customers and potential leads are adapting to the digital age at a incredibly fast rate. It is common to see even seniors visiting websites and browsing online before making purchases or visiting the physical store. Nowadays, people do not go door-to-door to learn more about the business, they go online and search what they need in search engines. A great website must be optimized for SEO (search engine optimization) and should offer a strong online presence.

Compared to past, customer behavior changed drastically. Customers check their phones or computers to see what is out there. So what happens when a business is stuck in its old ways while the majority of customer base is behaving differently? The business suffers. Purchasing, browsing, showcasing, explaining and even the sales tactics are online driven and when people want everything at their fingertips, if you are not getting on with the times, it means you are losing customers and revenue. Everyone from every industry have websites, it is only fair for you to have a website to achieve more success.

Additionally, with the dramatic rise of internet usage, people do not wish to talk to people in person, at least initially, but interestingly enough, they are willing to give their personal information online via online forms. Additionally, with a website explaining your services, products and your business, you as a business owner do not have to repeat the explaining cycle every day for every customer, because they can simply check your website and see what you are all about easily.

While the entire world moves towards a digital age, a website will bring success not just temporarily, but in the long run. A website boosts visibility for any business. After all, if people do not know about your brand, it means a diminishing effort is taking place on your part.

People Tend to Decide Based on Their Impression

Research indicates that around %75 of people judge a company based on how their website looks. People form an impression of a brand in less than 5 seconds. So a well-designed website that is easy to navigate and understandable is crucial for business’ success. Therefore, not having a website makes things difficult for many businesses. Even with a website, you need to make sure that it fits your industry norms and it is custom-fit for your business needs.

With many people having smartphones today, people can quickly access internet to check if you have a website or not. In today’s world, people make decisions quickly thanks to being able to browse internet on-the-go. Therefore, to establish brand authority and strong online presence, it is a good idea to hire a web development team to build or remake your website.

A website is up and running 24/7, removing the limitations of a physical contact, it can easily be accessed from any device that has internet. People can view your website to learn more about your business and services and products it offers anytime they wish.

Your Competitors in Your Industry Have Websites

Competition is a given for any industry. A business competes against many others. And when your competitors have a website they are not only one step but many steps ahead of you. Many of your competitors already established a trustworthy image due to having a website that conveys the company image and if you do not have a website or have an old website that offers no functionality, you are simply missing out.

A website helps you attract potential customers, and those leads can turn into actual customers with a strong website that leaves a good impression. Your target audience cannot find you if you do not exist on the internet.