Basic Stages of a Website Design

October 26, 2021 in WEB DESIGN| 2 min

In any successful website design, the design process plays a very important role. As an Edmonton web designer, we aim to understand our clients wishes and do our utmost to provide the best results. Understanding what the goals, analyzing the keywords and competitors, gaining insight of the industry so we can have a better understanding of the services and products, then the target audience and using these findings to plan out a strategy that help us come up with a website that provides a strong online presence is our ultimate goal. 

Our website design process is extensive and detailed. Here we take a look at the basic elements of a design process and how to approach these key steps as a client.


By creating a sitemap, we provide a full overview of the structure of the website. A sitemap clearly shows how the pages are linked to each other.

Sitemaps are usually presented in a tree-like structure based around the primary navigation and are placed on the footer of the website design.

As a client, you should be thinking about where you want your visitors to spend their time most of the time. What is important for your business and what makes a smooth navigation experience for users are the questions that need to be answered.


Wireframes play a crucial role in web design. It provides a structure and a blueprint for your pages. 

While wireframes offer an insight of what the web page will look like, they do not consist of actual design elements. Just like a blueprint, they are presented in grey scale and void of elements such as colors and images. They are presented in boxes and lines.

When you review a wireframe, you must keep in mind that it is not the actual design but a blueprint of what’s to come. You should decide on things such as if your page needs more content or images while reviewing a wireframe.


In the design process, we first design a homepage so you can have a better understanding of your website’s theme, color palette and general feeling. 

This is where all project starts to come together. A fully designed home page will give you images, design elements and colors that will align with the rest of the website. You should expect what is presented in the final launch phase. Content in this phase is not usually finalized, since the clients might want to write it themselves. This phase is an opportunity for you to make changes to the design and get into fine details.

In this phase, you should be asking if the design elements and color choices align with your brand image and target audience and if the style of the website conveys your business message to your visitors. The more feedback you provide to your web designer, the better. We can change the styling and design elements to your wishes so we can meet your expectations.