Website Design for Accounting Firms

In the recent years, accounting and bookkeeping industry became more competitive, therefore the importance of successful website design for accounting firms became crucial. Accounting firms and professionals who understand the importance of a strong online presence will continue to be successful in their industry in this digital day and age.

Our Edmonton web design company is proud to serve and provide custom website design for accounting firms in Edmonton with our extensive experience. We are here to help you fortify your brand, renovate your online presence and help you gain a competitive advantage over your respective rivals. We have established best practices that we will be discussing to undertake accounting website design to boost our clients digital marketing efforts. From our experience, every accounting firm and accountants have different approach to their business, various target audiences and marketing needs. Our mission as Edmonton website designers is to guide our clients through the website design process from discovery phase to launch so they can have a strong online presence that will give them competitive advantage in the accounting industry.

To create and deploy a successful website design that will boost your chances, it is important to follow a proper web design process with a good strategy so that the smooth and clear user experience help potential users to turn into potential clients for your accounting firm.

The Best Accounting Websites

Responsive Website Design

A strong online presence for accounting firms and accounting professionals start with a proper website that offers smooth user-experience for all users. This indicates that the website must be responsive, meaning that it should be accessible and easy-to-use on all devices and platforms, whether it’s a smart phone or a laptop. Usually, accounting firms offer their services to large variety of client base, from small business owners to individuals. That means their target audience is large and will be using all kinds of devices to access their website. Ensuring the website loads and responds quickly on various devices and web browsers is crucial to gain attention of such a large client base. We aim to make our accounting website design responsive so that the user experience on all platforms will be smooth and user-friendly.

Unique Design

Considering the competitiveness in the accounting and bookkeeping industry, an ideal web design should be unique and should avoid stereotypes. Many accounting firms tend to have a dull approach in web design that makes it boring for the potential users that would cause a high bounce rate, meaning that they will leave the page and the website in manner of seconds. 

Our approach in web design for accounting firms starts with understanding the company’s unique culture and creating a design that is clean and elegant. Embedding your company’s culture into the website design, we aim to create a lasting impression on the web browsers about your brand by using unique design, color and texture elements. This helps the company brand by conveying the interpersonal message to the users so they can look behind the corporate message and feel a connection to your company. Designing user interface in this manner helps your users to have a lasting impression and more likely to purchase your services. 

Making the Design Personal

Many accounting firms tend to approach the website design in a fully corporate model. From our experience, a successful accounting website should be a little more personal so that the user base feels more at ease while browsing through your website. By embracing a modern design with minimalistic elements that helps the users to guide through the website with ease, it is much more likely that the browsers will have a lasting impression for your brand. 

Additionally, we highly recommend having personal pages that showcase the partners and accountants on the website. The potential clients can browse through the personal pages and feel a stronger connection to the company itself. People tend to relate other people and have a need for interpersonal connection. Making the firm approachable and friendly play a crucial role in regards to online presence success.

Professional Photography

Instead of using pictures from the internet, we highly suggest hiring a professional photographer to showcase your partners, employees and company environment. In the case of hiring a photographer is out of the question, we recommend using lively pictures that not only consist of calculators and numbers, but also lifestyle images. With this approach the browsers can feel more at ease and feel a connection to the firm. Having your clients dream with your ability to save more of their money is ultimately a unique approach that brings more success.

Search Engine Optimization

Designing a website that offers smooth and clear user-interface is crucial. Additionally, when we design our websites we make sure that the best SEO practices are woven into the design. Our SEO-friendly website for your accounting firm will ensure that you start off strong in search rankings. Implementing strong search engine optimization practices in the website design will make it easier and perform better in search engine result pages (SERP)s. And with ongoing implementations and best practices over time, the new clients will have access to your services in an increasing amount. 

Even if you use the website as a reference point, a well-designed website with the proper on-site optimization will start off strong and gain the attention of search engines such as Google. This will increase the volume of clients over time, hence creating a successful digital marketing campaign.

To learn more about our website design and SEO services, or simply to find out about how our Edmonton web designers can help your business to gain a strong online presence and have a successful digital marketing strategy, please fill out the online request form or call us at (780) 660-1133